Myself and Christianity.....or how I finally woke the hell up!!

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I used to be a "Christian". And this Sunday morning, while my wife goes with my daughter and her kids to community church ( which is IMO like kidding "lite") I thought I might post about my experience with Christianity and just why I just cannot believe in it anymore! I became a "Christian" when I was about 24 years old. I was just sailing through life and had not done anything worthwhile experience wise ( like having sex or smoking a fat one or getting tattoos or anything fun). I "fell for it" in 1990. I started reading the Bible (or read some parts of it actually....if I had read it all with an open mind.....I'd have been appalled). I was immediately overcome by guilt ( yeah guilt is what usually gets you in Christianity. It is the fuel for this crap). I was afraid I was doomed to go to this insane place called "Hell." I remember my father telling me that I hadn't done anything wrong to be worried about, but Christianity did not let you get off that easy. According to this ideology, we are all "guilty" from day one.....because of what the supposed first "man" (Adam) did! Now think about this: You and I, according to Christianity, are doomed to an eternity in Hell for what someone else did!!
Do you see anything wrong with that? And this person who did us this "favor" was made from clay! And the "wrong" he did was because of a forbidden "tree" that the all-loving Creator put in front of him! Is that not insane? What court would convict you for something someone else did? What court would convict you of murder which put a gun in your hand and put an enemy in front of you and then told you NOT to shoot them?
And this is just the tip of the iceberg! According to this religion, you can sin just by thinking about doing things! You are going to the gas chamber for thinking about killing someone? They also have their own "things" which are "safe" while the things "outside" are WRONG!! Sex is basically wrong! Certain books, music, films, etc are WRONG!! You are always WRONG!! Money seems to be a huge part of everything!! Another thing is the things they expect you to swallow! Basically, the Bible pictures this planet as being the center of the Universe. It also implies that it is flat!! Read it! It is describing a fucking "table"! It pushes ideas about invisible forces (which is convenient huh). It even claims that virgins can have babies ( Do you understand basic human biology)! How many virgins have you seen have a kid? If a "virgin" walks up to me and she is "preggers"....she has been playing "doctor" with the guy next door pal!! One thing that really woke me up was reading and listening to the stuff by this old dude named Robert G. Ingersoll. Check it out! My Sunday morning is a lot better and more healthy for me without this bullshit!
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