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Train trip towards Myrdal from Flam..was even more spectacular.
we were climbing this time..damn..this is a railway line to remember..
Myrdal..change for the train..we met a Norvegian girl..
who travelled with a dog..a border collie..she was from Bergen..
and thanks to her..we learned some facts about her city..
Bergen in Norway..get LOTS of rain..LOTS..there is a joke about Bergen
it says..*if the local Bergen dogs start barking at you??*
because you don't hold an umbrella in your're a bloody tourist...
bwaahah.. was august..and yes..second day..we got rain
reaching Bergen station...we took a cab to Myklebust Pensjionat..
we had booked a 2 nights stay there by phone from Flam..
very clean nice place..bit expensive..but hey..Bergen,you know??
and we got a very nice room..a good breakfast with coffee ? volont?..
this pensionjat was held open by 2 old ladies...
they showed us their weaving and spinning tools..they wove luvly designs.. a luvly town,much different then Oslo...
I will put 2 postings on this town...let me think..what I remember...
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