My nudist origins

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Hello. Still trying to figure this site out. I'm in college and still living at home. So for as long as I can remember I've always enjoyed being nude. I would go out to parks and trails and secretly go on walks whenever I could find the spot and the chance. I would spend time in my room naked after my nightly showers.

Recently I began thinking how great it would be if I'd didn't have to hide in my room just to be naked. After some much thinking I decided that I'd come forward to my family about my lifestyle. I could've slowly began introducing them and dripping hints, but the anticipation was too much. I decided to be straight forward instead.

One morning I woke up before everyone else and started getting breakfast ready. The look on their faces when they walked into the kitchen at the sight me cooking breakfast naked. We had a chat that morning about what I was doing and what I wanted to do. Surprisingly they weren't against it, but weren't excited about it either. I haven't worn clothes at home since. They've shown no interest in joining, but I'm fine with that. :) I thought I'd share my story with thenudist community. I'm curious if there are other families like or if it's just me
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