My latest press release, 'on being quizzed about his penchant for "conspracy theories"':) or, 'Little Jesus Eggs'

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They tortured me. You can't imagine the agony they all put me through. If you or I did it to someone, it'd be called kidnap and forced poisoning producing a condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When they do it, its called 'medicine'.

You bet I question the mainstream narratives. After what mainstream medicine put me through. You have no idea even the courage it takes to stand up and say this. Even if you don't agree with me, if you believed in freedom of speech, the most basic right of any civilized society, you would be saluting me for being willing to say it. After I've been locked up, drugged to oblivion and had my name slandered simply for behaving differently and holding unorthodox beliefs. Einstein was unorthodox once. Believe me, our time is coming. After all the problems you've been storing up for this world, its not gonna last much longer. Soon its all gonna come tumbling down, and when it does, its us crazies who are gonna take over. Not me personally, you'll probably have me drugged up into a coma by then, or my brains fried the old-fashioned way. But the crazies in high places are gonna crawl out of the woodwork, where they've been hiding for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, and then you're gonna wish you had treated us little Jesus eggs with a bit more decency. Maybe we could have saved you. Because then the real King lizard is gonna break out of his egg and make an omelet out of the rest of you!


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