moving towards Spain(South France)

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so..Avignon..the Provence..bit south is Arles..well known..
for Vincent Van Gogh..he cut off his ear there..while having a fight..
with his friend Gauguin..this regio is known as the Camargue...
I made a detour to see Stes.Maries de la Mer-Aigues Mortes...
Ste.Maries is known for an annual gypsie this regio..
you will find wild horses,flamingo birds...and real wild nature..
but..I guess..that's more for summer months..I did not enjoy it..
in the time of the year I went trough it..anyway..I moved on..
towards Montpellier-B?ziers-Narbonne..Languedoc regio..great..
some very strong wind called the mistral can blow here...
I had no time to visit Carcassonne..i've heard it's a walled city..
never seen it..probably never will??I reached Perpignan that day..
it's a city where one can know..that Spain is very nearby...
stayed overnight in the youth hostel..i needed a bath really...
next day..I would reach Le Boulou-Perthus-La Jonquera(Spain)
my aim was Barcelona city..loveley city..Tiger
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