Mount Everest(Nepal)

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So...we took a guided view the mount Everest..
I don't recall the name of the place we went..but..
it turned out to be a was bad weather..clouds..
and we could not view mount Everest like we should have..
the ride by a minibus..was fantastic..we crossed little Nepali villages..
where time seemed to float by...for the folks who lived there..
we were tourists..these people live from hand to mouth..
they are pleased with little things in life..they tend to their paddy
rice fields..their self grown vegetables..they still smile naturally..
we did not..we came from a materialistic society..where money rules..
sometimes during my travells..I felt very the simplicity of the
people I a nice and simple place..the capital..
the trekking routes towards Mt.Everest,Kanchenjunga,Annapurna.
are pulling sportive tourists from all over the world..the mountains..
are a challenge..these *sherpa's*..I saw some in Nepal..damn...
they walk barefoot..into these mountains..with heavy loads..
in the late 60's..early 70's..lots of hippies crossed from Patna..
via road to Raxaul-Birganj..and discovered Katmandu..
the hippie trail Europe-Katmandu became a classic for hippies..
I was once..a traveller on that road..I did it twice..towards India
on overland basis..I met some nice folks..and some bad ones..
life is like that..we got to accept it like it India it's called
*karma*so..enough ranting..we went back to Katmandu..
had an evening meal...and were ready for flying towards Agra..
ahah..the Taj Mahal was waiting for the honeymoon couple..
my brother and sister in law simply loved it..they still remember..
up till today..when I took that snapshot of them..on the Taj Mahal..
will tell you crazy peeps later on..what happened..
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