Mount Abu(India)

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so..night train Jaisalmer to Jodhpur..
I got a berth sleeper reserved..but..funny..
I never slept a good night's sleep on any Indian train..
too noisy..every station hawkers screamed their heart out..
selling tea,snacks,fruits..even in the middle of the night..
Jodhpur was reached..changed train to Abu Road..
don't remember..if I had to wait long time there..
now..Abu road..nothing attractive about that place..
every 30 minutes a bus does the Mount Abu..
got that bus...with sleepy eyes..I watched the scenery..
woods..nice and cool..after Jaisalmer's heat and dust..
there is a lake called Nakki..lots of tourists as well..
specially Indians on honeymoon etc..Mount Abu is famous
for its Dilwara Jain temples..I went to see them..amazing..
I will relate abut the Jain religion in a later posting..
after this..I went to Udaipur and Ranakpur..
Ranakpur..I remember forever..never seen such beautiful temple..
Jain temple as marble..extremeley clean..
now..Mount cooler..lots of bungalows..from richer Indians..
in this spot..around Nakki lake..lots of well.
there is a funny rock called Toad rock..very funny rock structure..
boating on this lake is possible..the Indian adults enjoyed themselves
like little every Indian adult...harbours a kid really..
Indians are very spontaneous,outgoing folks..I loved it..
it's so damn touristical in Mount Abu..several viewpoints..
even a honeymoon viewpoint..well..I was not on a honeymoon trip..
I took a scooter ricksjah to the Dilwara temples=5kms.away..
now..these sooter wallah's..they try to cheat tourists...
a *wallah* is a term used in Hindi for a fellow..
a taxi wallah is a taxidriver..a doobhi wallah=a washermen etc..
I'll come back to this term when I 'm in called Mumbai..
the Dilwara temples...awww..I stood amazed..about this architecture..
one must leave shoes's a piligrimage place for Jain people..
there are 2 temples there..very ancient..I bet 1100-1200 after Christ?
I saw Buddha statues,elephants,lotus flowers..all carved in marble..
it's so damn's such an amazing sight..I could not believe..
it can be made and sculptured by human Jain temples..
shoes..or any leather stuff like handbags..are kept at the entrance..
it's NOT allowed to take them in..after this..went back to Mount Abu..
I slept in some cheap tourist bungalow..tomorrow..bus to Udaipur....
aww..that's another spot in my memory..Udaipur..
in 1999 i went back to Jaipur with my wife..I met a dude there..
who told me about the Om Shanti Bhavan in Mount Abu..
it's an ashram..for yoga,meditation,Indian way of thinking etc..
I'll try to get a link..if I can find one..wooohh..internet??
crazy Tiger

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