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We took a bus to Valetta town again..
and took a ticket again to Mdina(bus)
Malta relies a lot on bus got a vast network..
Mdina/Rabat are like twin towns situated in central Malta..
being away from the sea..made Mdina scorching hot..
a hat or some sun protection was really necessary..
Mdina was a sleeping town with town gates,a cathedral..
interesting old houses in a special architectural style..
I recall we visited an art and crafts gallery...
the usual souvenirs..for all over..
we saw a demonstration of glassblowing and pottery,ceramics etc..
we drank lots of soft quench ourselves from the heat...
Mdina..was full of souvenir shops..a typical excursion town...
I don't recall we went to Rabat..
both Mdina/Rabat have religious history..
linked to Christianity and Islam..
we returned by bus to Valetta/Sliema..
next outing was gonna be Mosta..
I'll report on that soon..
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