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So..the Greyhound bus service...great..
comfortable 5 hours ride..nice folks on the bus..
some lady was very surprised to hear...
we were from Belgium..did even never heard about it..uhuh??
we had reclining seats..enough leg space...we were at ease..
and when we left New York..we drove through Harlem...
we reached Boston bus station..looked like a nice town..
it's a place of historical value..and great educational institutions..
unfortunatedly..we never saw anything of Boston city..
since we were picked up by car by friends from my wife..
they were waiting for us at Boston bus station..and drove us..
to their lovely North Andover..great folks..
we stayed few days in their place..they were from India...
the American dream..realised for them maybe?
but the Indian everything..
the next few days..they pampered us with food and drinks..
and took us in their car..a little bit into New Hampshire state..
Indians abroad...are nostalgic..they talk..about India..
and I could say my bit about that problem..
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