Massachusetts+New Hampshire...

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My wife's friends had a real nice a nice neighbourhood
of North next day,these peeps,their son...
and me and my wife..went for a nice drive by car direction Lowell
and higher up into New Hampshire up till Concord..Laconia..
and up too a beautiful lake called Winnipesaukee..I loved it there..
bit up north from there it's full of lakes and forests..
New Hampshire was a good experience..uhuh..beautiful nature..
we were told in autum..the colours in the trees are magnificent..
it was august while we were we missed that beauty..
but If I recall well..this dude showed us a place..
with some face in the mountains..but I can't picture it back..
neither I recall the name..but it was called man in the mountain??
I think it was in White mountain national park??
I noticed that some towns here got English names..
like Manchester,Portsmouth,Dover..very peculiar..
after this hectic but scenic drive..we went back to North Andover..
next day..back to Boston..and Greyhound bus back to New York..
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