Marching In Anew

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"So begins the month of spring - Growth and freshness doth it bring
Terra wakens from her rest - To once again begin her quest
Wheel turns its' cycle, and once more - Light returns to heed the call,
To plant again, rebirth, anew - fulfil its' task for me and you

- This is a period that sees another turning of seasonal wheel. With lighter and longer days upon us, the buds start to bloom. Soon we will see both new off-spring and following the winter hibernation, flora and fauna roused from rested slumber to begin again its natural cycle.
- The returning to Terra of Green and pleasant land, sees fresher breeze and warming of general temperature, which can also be indicative of an awakening of our own lives that in turn sees a new drive of purpose.
- This period of time is comparable to the Christian celebration of Easter, but for those such as I, - "This is Ostara"! “the spring equinox, another time of fertility and the sowing of seeds.
- Lore states that at this time it the Goddess Freya who returns to restore Terra's beauty and stimulates growth and fruitfulness, along with - rebirth.
- The tradition of Easter “eggs' having a greater historical reference than mere Chocolate covering. The symbolism of the egg has strong pagan associations and relates to the practice of olde rite.
Just as spring is the season when animals and in general, all things of nature, enact repopulation, Eggs are the beginning of life's cycle. They are used as a tool of magic for those females wishing to be blessed with children and depict new beginning
- As solar shines brighter, along with its warmth, the time of new growth returns, and nature begins to flourish.
- This is a time for the seedlings of Herb, Flower and preparation of terra soil for spring plantings.
- By taking the time to celebrate and absorb that witch nature provides and projects, - sitting by brook or stream, walking through forest wood and listening to the melodic sound of birdsong, feeling the texture of tree, rock and grassland, to inhale the aroma of countryside, this allows a rejuvenation of one's inner soul and spirit
- Just as with that witch Mother Nature exhibits in the frenzied Hare of the month, there could and perhaps should, be a similar invigoration of energy of the human spirit also.
- It would be a waste not to harness such energy for positive use, and in doing so, make similar progression in mental development also, for both educational awareness and creative advancements.
- On should consider those which have the attributes akin to that of the zodiac sign of the moment, The Arien child is brave, bold “ sometimes foolhardy - although direct and focused to achieving their goal of ultimate success.
- With the passing of years, one reflects on past experiences, it is upon such consideration that one can draw comparison with ones' younger mantra of "Everything to gain" now replaced with "Nothing to lose"
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