Mangiare per due persone

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Things always seem to sound a tad bit better in translation. Today's entry is a simple translation of the colloquial phrase "Eating for Two!" It happens from time-to-time in my field. What's my field again? Human being on the planet Earth!
The problem with this situation would not be so grave if it occured during but a single meal within a seven day period. Let's see -- for those of you who are into algebra --
Three meals a day
Seven days a week
Twenty-one meals per week
That means that each meal, assuming each meal were EXACTLY the same value, would have a percentage value of 4.75% of the week's pie.
4.75 x 21 = 99.75 (we'll cut a little slack for those glasses of water that have sweetened lemon juice or that extra saltine that you didn't think I saw you eat in the parking lot).
I do the Weight Watchers thing these days and I take my commitment pretty seriously. From time-to-time I just get tired of being good 24/7. This week was one of those times. A friend took me out to the CLAIM JUMPER

(Here's a copy of the menu without the prices). The portions are gargantuous. Think I bothered to share? Nope! There goes a week of Weight Watchers weight watching right down the hole. It doesn't matter at this point because I did enjoy the company... AND THE FOOD. As Scarlet O'Hara would say, "Fiddle dee dee! Tomorrow IS another day!"
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