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wawww..I remember this busride..scenery was damn green and lush..
on that bus..somebody told me to go to see changed
my itinerary again a bit..instead of going straight down to Cochin..
I was gonna take a side road around Ootacamund..
Indians call it Ooty...real name is bit longer=Udhagamandalam..
it's a cool hillstation..more then 2200m altitude..hey..hey..
this nice Indian tamil gentleman..on that bus towards Mangalore..
told me about a toy train ride..I'll tell you later was magic..
so..Mangalore..funny streets there..bit bumpy ride trough this regio
called Coorg..sleepy little lush culture over there..
Mangalore was not that interesting as a place..
I stayed in some tourist bungalow..very few guests..
I recall that the owner had put a special mosquito net..
around the bed..I slept in...malaria lurks??but..I took my pills..ahah..
I got myself some hot curry dish there as well..they really put the
heavy dose of chillies in their dishes in South India..
but..most important..I did not get the shits....bwaahah..
will tell you peeps about Calicut and Ooty and that train ride...
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