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so..return daytrip towards Mahabalipuram..about 60kms.from Madras..
this place was famous for its shore temple..yes..again a temple..
very ancient..with excellent architectural value..
my first impression..was the beach..and the temple on it..
it's supposed to be one of the oldest temple structures in South India..
it's a Shiva+Vishnu dedicated temple..with a row of*nandi's*=bulls..
all very impressiv..but..I had been in temples before...
in the end..they actually all start looking a bit the same..
Mahabalipuram is always full of tourists..the local inhabitants..
are good stone sculpture carvers..their work is amazing..
no doubt..touts abound..wanna buy a nice piece of sculpture,Sir??
also worthwhile is Arjuna's penance or Bhagiratha's penance..
this is related to the Hindu epos Mahabaratha..
it was in my eyes..a beautiful piece of stone carvings..
depicting the descent of the Goddess Ganga to earth..
Hindu needs to understand this..
I saw this structure as a piece of abstact??sculpture..
it always amazed for heaven sake??could they make this??
Mahabulipuram..gave me an astonishing impression..on Indian art..
it's just beyond my reasons of thinking...that human hands..
can create such fine pieces of made me feel..very small..
I took some food somewhere..don't recall what??
and took a bus back to Madras..was gonna go towards Hyderabad..
that's in Andra Pradesh..another state of India..
I'll try to find a link for Mahabalipuram..

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