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Trains were comfortable in took 8 hours..
it's nice to see the countryside away from the coastal towns..
typical Spanish dormant villages..different mentality then big cities..
we reached Madrid safe..and booked 3 nights at the youth hostel..
it was rather crowded there...Madrid was a popular destination..
somehow...I did like Barcelona much better..Madrid is different..
it's a vast can get very hot there in summer..
second day..we did the famous El Prado museum..
link for this museum..
now..this was a worthwhile art museum..nice old building..
we got a booklet guide to see what this museum had to offer..
as in other famous musea..lots of tourists..the usual crowds..
one can expect in a famous world's divided into rooms..
with Spanish art from Goya,El Greco,V?lasquez etc..
I did like the works of Goya the most here=La Maja etc..
there was a Flemish room with Rubens and Bosch etc..
Italian art was represented by Titian,Botticeli etc...
then French,Dutch and German art...recall Rembrandt only..
it's not possible to see this museum in 1 day...
we went trough it in a glance really..because we decided..
to make a walk through Madrid's main boulevards afterwards..
I bet we stayed 2 hours in the Prado..not enough of course..
then walked towards Puerta del's a hectic place..
Plaza Mayor..Palacio real=Royal Palace...lots of Plaza's=squares..
spacious wide boulevards,parks,fountains,hectic traffic..
that's tired us out really..we went for a paella..
the best ones are in Valencia..but it tastes good everywhere..
went back to the youth hostel day..daytrip..
to the town of Toledo=about 1 hour train ride..I loved that place..
will tell you peeps more about Toledo town..linked a lot to El Greco..

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