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reached Madras via Egmore Railway station..
no place in retiring went to YMCA..
cheap..bunk bed in a youth hostel..
first day..since it was already noon..just strolled..
along Madras central railway station..nice building..
very hectic city in fact..typical Indian..
made a walk on Mount Road..main central shopping street..
went into government tourist office..friendly helpfull staff..
booked a conducted sightseeing tour for next day..
and also visited Marina Beach..a huge beach..
one could get fresh fish there..roasted or grilled...mmhh..
it's a funny sight to see South Indian ladies going into the sea..
fully clothed..conservativ rules..that's India as well..
took some fish at the beach..and walked back to the center..
I had a nice discussion with my room mates..all Kerala folks..
about Indian cinema..Madras also makes movies..
but..they agreed..Bollywood rules in India..
it was about the Indian leading female stars...
always a good topic in India..Indians are movie freaks..
in these days it was Hema Malini,Zeenat,Shabana Azmi even..
they were the leading female movie stars..
so day 2=conducted sightseeing tour through Madras..
nowadays..Madras is called Chennai..things change,you know??
crazy Tiger

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