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The Tr?chtenmuseum was bit outside Luzern..
we took one of these Swiss post buses..damn..these folks..
know HOW to drive a bus..Switserland is full of mountains..
I the winter..not easy to drive a bus in these nasty hairpin bends...
around Luzern..not to many hairpins anyway..
the Tr?chtenmuseum was run by a very old Swiss lady..
who gave us a free guiding tour even...we were the only visitors anyway..
she really knew..her subjects..these traditinal Swiss dresses..
are bit different then the dirnld from Bavaria(Germany)
this museum..was an eye opener for local tradition..
they even had a complete living room from longby gone days..
with furniture and all...all in really nice wood..
I recall that old lady..telling my wife..
yes Mam..this is an old costume from the regio Wallis..ahah..
for the rest we made a nice stroll around the's just so amazing.
in K?ssnacht..long ago..a Belgian queen named Astrid from Swedish origine..
died in a car accident...a black page in Belgian history...,9171,748959,00.html
the next day...a visit to mount Pilatus by cog's 2121 m..
fresh air to fill up my coalmine lungs??I'll keep you peeps busy..
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