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Im standing on the corner of bitter and sweet.
And there are no familiar faces that I see.
When im looking all around and there is no one about, I tend to shake my head in exaggeration.
I have always felt this tired need to tranquilize my thoughts. In a helpless array of sanctity.
Hoping to field my vision once more, I stick my thumb out in the open like its a new way of prayer.
Im relying on this witness to help guide me through my troubles.
Im truly sorry if you don't see me standing there.
There's a tree that stands tall next to the garden of Eden, and the house within it's gates has always been abandoned.
I wont slither my way across the fields of grey, in an attempt to keep a light conversation. But i'll humbly ignore your face as your body trails behind my line of sight.
Your fair words have me shaken in a deep reverie. My eyes they cant contain my loathing pride.
I thought by the light it was a half past three. But sadly no, it was a quarter to five.
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