Love is All that Matters

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Sitting here reading when I should be working;nothing new here, but O how it mounts up till yet another reason not to appears...can never get it all done anyway...
Ahh the life of one step at a time and that to come when tells you it must.
And in my reading "Love is all that matters" rears it's head and burst upon me. My rational says that is not talking of the romantic love, but the love for others that we are meant to feel; and back it roars; no, it is that personal love ...and yes it is not about romantic love, but it is about that personal love that we immerse ourselves in and float deeply upon ...whether it be for the wind singing songs to take one traveling while they sit by the fire, or moving through space and sharing the lights and colors with others and being uplifted in this moment we call Now; which is O so much more that we Know, or care to let come to full awareness in this sleep most call life.
Ah for the life of the run on sentence...yet the connecting dots and jots of punctuation sometimes are all we get to do if we want to get the thoughts inside out on paper...or on the screen. We can always shape it better when re-read we must to find out how much came through the true
The mind is a mighty, wonderful thing yet pales beside the greater...Spirit - O so much more - yet so many know it least.

And i procrastinator that i be, Know it not much more than most, but she pushes through and ever so gently yet sometimes fiercely wakes me to that More.
The dreams of what we might yet do, as one gets older the whisper that now they cannot be - for the program runs that doing is for the young (but we forget the last part....whether young or old.... of heart - for only the young of heart have the innocence, the boldness, the naivte' to walk light heartedly over the edge and fly off into the unknown abyss) - for spirit knows that we are here to experience and all is grist for the mill.

And so I post this for others that hear, or dream that this may be true.
A wake up call, a reminder, that we Are here in this Now...and the life we allow is up to us, for there is so much more out there. And out there is the place where spirit lives and projects inside to this short now, that we humans tend to call life...
Awaken to the more, t'is but a breath away.

Be Here Now is ever so true, but the Now dost hold ever so much More.

Loving you

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