Long Distance Relationship Advice With Dating Coach Jonathon Aslay

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"People that to choose long distance tend to feel a little bit desperate, as if they’re not going to find someone in their own city.:~Jonathon Aslay

I interviewed Jonathon Aslay last week about Long Distance Relationships, to learn how well they typically work out (if at all). Having been through a few of my own, I was curious as to why some worked and why somed (most) didn't.

Here's what he shared with me....
  • Why people enter into Long Distance Relationships.
  • Why and how you should vet your potential partners.
  • The reality of monogamy in a Long Distance Relationship.

What has been your experience with LDR's and what do you think about what he has to say?

(Here are the links to the original Podcast version)
Here are a few additional links in case you need them:
Direct Blog Post Link: Episode 7 | Long Distance Relationship Advice With Jonathon Aslay
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Direct Stitcher Link:Long Distance Relationship Advice With Jonathon Aslay from That Sex & Love Podcast

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