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Yes..London was huge..our hotel served good breakfast..
eggs/bacon...lots of the staff were from labour force??
so..first day..the classic coach to Tower of London..
the London dungeon scared the shit out of me
the crown jewels..oh well..nice piece of jewelry indeed..
Westminster cathedral..Buckingham Palace..the guards..St.Pauls..
Trafalgar Square..Madame Tussaud took long time to get in..
we had our food in a reasonable place...junk food for tourists..
the Thames river..looked nice on that sunny day...
when I was in London in 1970..I slept in Hyde park in the bushes..
I got bloody tired that all was to quick for me..London in a glance??
I never liked big cities anyway..the next day..doubledecker trip..and even Harrod's..
oh my...I had to go in my wallet there..will tell you peeps later..

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