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so..Lisboa..stayed 2 nights at youth hostel..
lovely city it has an old an new part..
Lissabon is on the Tejo river..the old city..
is worth exploring..ask for Alfama,Baixa or Rossio..
lots of narrow streets..little restaurants etc..
I did not do any musea..just wandered around a lot..
just like flamenco in's fado here in Lisboa..
I'll try to get a link on that style of singing...
the barrio Alfama got lots of churches,a castle as well..
Oriente is the railway station of Lisboa..what's typical..
and very touristic in Lissabon are the tramways...
try to take tramway 28..I did not..but I think it must be fun...
I used to walk a lot in these days..kept me healthy,I suppose??
I went to see the bridge ponte de 25 can see a huge
Christ statue overlooking the Tejo river and Lisboa..real nice..
Belem tower was a tourist attraction..did not go cannot
see everything..around Lissabon Estoril,Sintra and Cascais are well
worth a visit..but I concentrated myself on the old part of LIsboa..
was gonna take a bus towards Evora...and then try to hitch to the
Portugese-Spanish border towards Elvas-Badajoz...Tiger..
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