Like a Queen without Her Subjects

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Is there really a difference between "Entry Title" and "Subject" ? I looked at the opening here and that came to mind. These days are just filled with streams (nay rivers!) of consciousness. There's the battle between Obama and Hillary Clinton over who will be the next democratic nominee. War continues in Iraq and Afghanistan although the president assures us that it is victoriously over. Our Yankee dollalr is worthless outside the borders (ha! even at home). Foreclosures are all around us and I have no idea at times how I am going to make my own ends meet.
Sometimes it causes great embarrassment when I am looking at my personal home budget and fret that I can't seem to make my $2200/month take home pay stretch to meet the needs. This is particularly distressing knowing that there are many around me whose take home is just a fraction of that.
Still and all I remain thankful and hopeful of what I have in my life and lot. There's good health, trusted/trusting friends, a roof over my head, a car that fires up in the morning. I've got plants and trees and chickens in the yard. I live with others who are kind to me.
In short... few complaints.
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