Life In All Its Glory

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Today our house smells like Xmas.
I'm cooking some apples,blackberries with cloves, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. The intention was to cool them and put them straight into the freezer. No way man. Too inviting, so gonna make custard to serve with them for today's pudding. It's pretty cold outside so making some mulled wine as well with half a bottle of Chilean Merlot that is kicking about.
Nothing special there except that after very unsuccessful knee surgery 13 months ago I am finally actually able to function on some level without the aid of a brace or crutches.
I don't think for one minute that I am "sorted" but..............yeah......................right now it's all good.
Have an MRI scheduled for this Saturday, hopefully meeting with surgeon shortly and a decision will be made regarding further intervention.
You have no fucking idea how awful it has been to go from a fully functioning walking and cycling everywhere person to a sometimes unable to do anything kind of person!
Anyway enough of that shit (just a wee bit of a self pity fest for a moment there) and off I go back to the kitchen [​IMG]
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