Letting Go

Published by Hipchick86 in the blog Hipchick86's Blog. Views: 630

Letting go of the ego"¦ A small iridescent rainbow cube hovering in the desert, a white ball rotating inside, as the cube hovers above the cracked ground. The storm recedes, tornado swallowing up its own darkness. The ladder crashes from leaning into nothing and the cube crashes to its place from drifting so long in eternal isolation. A galloping white stallion with hooves that can't grasp onto the cube or ladder, transforming into hands which hang onto the newly unified truth. The finality of a wandering nomad reaching the end of a confused oasis. "I've arrived." Dropping the burden beneath a brandished soul, hoping the spirit will rejuvenate the underworld it has remained disconnected from. A storm of years, goodbyes, the cries in separation melding into a smile arrived at in the resurrection of flesh and blood. I saw him, my one true love. He can't hang onto me due to the warring families we exist within. I see his fork in the road turning into the path I stand on.

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