leaving Paris direction Auvergne(France)

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Finally..I packed my rucksack..and left for Porte d'Italie..
Paris got a huge ringroad called boulevard ph?rif?rique..
Porte d'Italie gives acces to the road towards Orl?ans..
Orl?ans was not easy to reach that day..I left bit late in Paris..
hitchhiking was not that great as well..got a ride to Etampes..
stood there as well for a while..reached Orl?ans in the afternoon..
in Orl?ans I took direction Nevers..it follows the river Loire..
I could not get to Nevers..somewhere around Briare..I got stuck..
and slept somewhere outside in an empty building..it was cold..brr..
Next morning..took my own breakfast..all these trips I carried a small
mini camping gas to make coffee..good thing..a cup of hot coffee..
does wonders to start a cold day..usually my breakfast was nothing
more then a piece of bread with jam or cheese..but it was O.K..
so..this day..started from Briare towards Nevers..I was lucky..
got a ride soon enough..but bit after that..got stuck for a long while..
stood for more then 2 hours on the same spot..got picked up..
and got a ride towards Clermont Ferrand..bit before Vichy..it became
dark..and was looking for a spot to put my sleeping bag..
I saw an empty peasant stable..had to cross under a barbed wire..
it was in fact a shed...with a wagon with hay on..ideal..because..
it's off the ground..and it was bloody cold..next morning..
I got the surprise of my life..i got picked up by the local police..
they came in a jeep...and told me to pack my things..they drove me
to the police station...they really made me look like a fool..
my rucksack was turned upside down on the floor..in a rough way..
my passport and identity controlled..but I was in order of course..
and they treated me as a piece of shit..they made a statement..
that I had trespassed public property..some peasant had seen me..
and reported to the police..they called me names..like tramp..
vagabond..gypsie etc...in fact..they had fun..they were in power..
in their eyes...they just couldn't face the fact..I was a traveller..
in my own way..it's the game of envy of freedom..they lacked..
I kept myself serious..no way to get excited...I had money enough..
so after 3 full hours in that fucking police station..they drove me..
to a railway station...and told me..take a train to next town...
I said O.K..but I did not..they left...and I went back on the road again..
the next ride..I remember...some chick(H?len?)picked me up..
in one of these 2 PK student cars...she drove me to her place where
she stayed with her boy friend..they were hippies at heart..
and gave me shelter...and food..for the night..they lived in Volvic..
village in the Auvergne known for mineral water..close to Riom..
loveley part of France..it even got old volcano craters..
I told them my story of the police..they said..les flics...fuck them..
so..next day..I was gonna try to get towards St.Etienne-Valence...
I will tell you all later on...Tiger
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