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We took no tourist bus..but an ordinary Thai local bus..
all kind of colourful folks on it..30kms..took some time..
they stopped in the middle of nowhere...villages..
Lamphun is known for its Haripunchai wat(temple)
the temple complex got some nice architecture..
it dates back to very ancient times..
impressive Buddha statues..really huge..
very close by this temple is a museum..
we went in there..but it's mostly archeological..
lots of stone and bronze artifacts..interesting..
we took food in a roadside stall..they served sticky rice..
presented in a grean leaf..rolled up..rice was called *khao*
it was tasting..well..sticky..but nice...
Thai food..will take some time to understand...
a very varied kitchen..with all kind of soups,dishes,spices..
they even have perfumed jasmin rice in Thailand...
and walking through a fruit market..I've seen fruits..
which I had never seen before..didn't taste the durian..
it got an awfull ammoniac..uhuh..
I'll see if I can get a day..back to Bangkok by train..
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