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the touts on the railway station looked like last time..
they try to get you in a hotel..and then they get commision...
from the owner..this time..I took a hotel..a very cheap one...
in some side street around the railway station..I had brought
a padlock on this could lock my youth hostels
they sometimes provides lockers..this time..i just left my rucksack
in the cloakroom of the railway station..took a plastic bag with me..
inside the necessary things to take a bath..the the station..
cloakrooms in Pakistan/India were O.K..I think it was a safe option..
I met people who always dragged their heavy backpack around..
I found it silly to walk around like a mule in these temperatures..
Lahore..I believe on page 26 of my journal..I told you something about
the sightseeing..check it out if you wanna know..Lahore was crowded..
hot..people are O.K.if you approach them accordingly..
just strolled around the Mall..with its fancy shops,colonial style buildings,
hotels etc..i saw some tonga's around the railway station..
tonga's are horse taxis..whole family with a woman in purdah(veil)
usually woman weir black veil...and long black can't see
much of their face was very different in India..
Pakistan is a Muslim has to adapt to local customs..
the city of Lahore got historical value..going back to Moghul rule,
Sihk period,British rule..and finally independance...facts enough..
after the Mall...wandered bit through the old part of Lahore..
honestly said..I did not feel very safe there...people approach you..
for shop visits..tea parlours..drugs change,Sir??
watch out with money changers..they might rip you off totally..
in these days I used to have a secret belt with an area to keep money..
even then..just watch out..not the first foreigner who got his money
stolen..not a funny idea to be completeley broke in Pakistan/India..
oh..I forgot...about sightseeing..there's a gun called Kim's gun(Zamzama)
history comes out of the battle of Panipat(1761)
it's lying on a wheelcart like thing..the cannon looks like golden??
I went to the taxi stand to find out about rates to the Indian border
at's such a hassle...they all got different prices..
cheating will always pay a tourist price..always..
I met some Pakistani students(girls)i bet they came from rich families..
they wanted to know about Europe..Eifel tower Paris..
they looked nice in their salwar kameez and dupatta(shawl)
and these girls were not old fact Pakistani/Indian woman
are very beautiful..I was surprised they approached me..
in these days..Pakistan was in a political turmoil..I guess it was Bhutto
who ruled then..lots of corruption...I don't like let it be..
I got so tired from walking around through went back to
the hotel after a cheap meal in the railway station...
tomorrow I was gonna cross into India..a country...
which I can call second wife is Indian(Assam)
will tell about India later on..keep reading..thanks..
crazy tiger..

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