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After a night in Patna..flight to Katmandu..
this flight..was an experience..while we were flying..
the captain announced the following message..
ladies and gentlemen..look out of your window..
for a glimpse of mount Everest..this was really amazing..
we were flying just above a misty cloud bank..and saw..
a mountain top in the distance..it was a fabulous sight..
landing in Katmandu airport went smoothly..
my brother was there..we took a taxi to the hotel..
nice cosy hotel..we stayed 4 nights..Katmandu town..
was full of foreign tourists..very popular destination..for hippies..
they came together in a street named chicken street...
first day..we went exploring the city by foot..Durbar square..
it's full of temples..shrines..souvenir stalls..we loved it..
it's the spiritual heart of the city..every morning..devote Nepalis
offer puja...aarti...flowers to the gods..it's amazing to watch..
we took a cab to visit the Swayambhunath stupa...about 3kms
away from the city..it's located on a hill..about 400 steps to climb..
lots of bandar=monkeys..watch out for these buggers..
the stupa itself..is amazing..nice view..over Katmandu valley..
Buddhist chanting..prayer wheels..very impressiv..
we went back to town by cab...found a nice restaurant..
and had a rice dish with chicken..after that..we went to see..
a cultural show..fokloristic dances of Nepal..very interesting..
lots of different tribal folks live in this landlocked country..
I recall the dance where the girls have to jump between wooden
bamboo poles.which are opened and closed...not easy to do..
the costumes,jewelley and outfits were extremely colourful designs..
next day..we were gonna rent a bicycle..to cycle down to Patan..
I'll try to find a link about Katmandu town..

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