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so..taxi brousse to Tambacounda via Kaffrine..
good ride..but it was very hot..and dusty sometimes..
Tambacounda is in the East of Senegal..
nearby is a national parc called Niokolo Koba..
did not go there..it's a huge fauna/flora parc..
I met a dude from Uruguay who was working in Tamba...
he told me that Tamba can become terrible hot..
it was hot when I passed through anyway..one has to adapt...
nothing special to see here..exept the African market...
these African ladies looked colourful..they sell from fruits..
to vegetables..to all kind of stuff..I stocked up a bit for fruits..
and got into a supermarket for some other stuff...
which I could use on my trip between Kayes-Bamako..
I decided to take that train to Kayes..and then continue to Bamako..
I met 2 French dudes..they were gonna do the same thing..
so..we decided to travell together a while..always safer..
I stayed 2 nights in Tambacounda..and we got that train to Kayes..
what a hectic matter..a train in Senegal..we had reserved seats..
but still lots of hassle..to get onto the train..rules..often..
didn't existed in these days..I guess??the train left...
and via Goudiry-Kidira(border Senegal-Mali)we reached Kayes..
it was quite a journey..but cooling a bit against the extreme heat..
no trouble crossing the border..they took our passports..
and told us..to recover them at the police station in Kayes(Mali)
K?dougou is Bassari country..it's located on the Guinee border..
this tribe has got very secret rituals..initiation rituals etc...
worship of the ancestors..animistic rituals for birth,death etc...
they use all kinds of strange masks as well..typical villages..
so...finally...we were in Mali..very interesting country indeed..
Kayes..booh..I could not bear that heat...
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