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Kabul-Ghazni-Kandahar..all I remember from this are rough roads..
lots of wild unspoilt scenery(probably different now due to warfare)
these heavy colourful trucks..and we stopped in a roadside place to eat..
nan(flat bread)rice..mutton..very cheap and tasty..the Afghani's were friendly folks..Kandahar was a busy place..some bazar activity..
I believe we stayed in a local hotel there...big carpetlike room..
where travellers could roll out their sleeping bags and just stay overnight..
they passed hasj around in chillum like we drink tea..
everybody smokes hasj in Afghanistan..
the whole stretch from Kabul we did not see 1 woman..
Gunilla was a beautiful chick..and these Afghani's stared a lot..
but with 2 body guards..no problem so..the next day..we first did some
little bazar shopping(food)to get on the way to Herat..I did like Herat
much better then Kandahar..we moved on to the Irani border to get to
Mashad..border crossing into Iran..quick..no hassles..thanks to the smile
and charms of Gunilla perhaps..it took 10 min.to cross into Iran..
we heard in Mashad that this border crossing..
was famous for busting folks with drugs...
we did not carry anything anyway..so..Iran again..big relief..
roads are much better there..and friendly people...will tell more later on..

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