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Kuopio..was just another town in Finland like so many others..
in fact..I don't remember much of this place..Jyvaskyla is quite
a central place in Finland..university town...nice railwaystation..
the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto used to live there..
did not stay long in this town..in fact was dropped here..
made a walk through the town...and hitched a ride towards Tampere..
I stayed in the retkeilymaja(Youth hostel)nice place..one can meet
fellow travellers usually in youth hostels..most of them travelling up
north..Tampere is a nice town..bit of industry though..but 2 lakes...
a town bit southwest of Tampere is called Pori..in july big jazz+rock
festival is held..but tomorrow i was gonna hit Turku harbour and
perhaps take a straight ferry towards Stockholm..my planning for a
next trip through France-Spain-Portugal..and Morroco..
was in my head..but finally I never got into Morroco..I landed up in
Abidjan(Ivory Coast)instead...ahahah..West Africa..what a trip!!!
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