Journal entry 6 : influence

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I haven't been on in awhile. I've been helping my girlfriends brother out because he was having some trouble with life where we live. It's been about a month now since I've been on frequently. I've been playing video games mostly but the main influence is her brother.'s funny, it's a word that's an everyday word but it has new meaning for me now. He has a problem with the word "influence" and now he wants to run home to his mom because he doesn't want to work, provide for himself, wants mostly everything regarding money to be done for him. If he's "influenced" he doesn't do anything, I can't even mention the word around him or he gets upset. I take a closer look around me and us as humans and I can't find one thing that doesn't have some sort of effect (or otherwise put: influence) on life. It's strange, the word "effect" or "suggestion" is acceptable but not the word "influence" to him which all essentially mean the same thing. Kind of like "war" is acceptable to most but "murder" isn't. But they are the same thing when you think about it.
In any event, I expect now that he wants to run home to mom and her "lying" problems...when he leaves I expect to be posting more poetry and such here on the forums. I now see much more clearly that one thing or being can have such an influence to the point when you're living through it you don't even realize how badly effected you really are.

for those of you who do view my journal and don't read my first posting and also to keep the definition fresh in my mind, here is the definition of instinct:
instinct (n. in'stingkt; adj. in*stingkt') n. 1.) Biol. & Psychol. An innate tendency or response of a given species to act in ways that are essential to its existence, development, and preservation. 2.) A natural aptitude; knack - adj. Animated from within; alive.
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