Join the Unhooked Generation/It's a Matter of Life and Breath !

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PSAs, or public service announcements, were around in my day even though drinking and smoking were also in commercials. A friend of mine and I sometimes joke about the commercials we still remember 40 years later.
I've been working in a clinic and have been giving out education about not smoking. It's hard to imagine that you actually still have to educate people on the ills of tobacco consumption! Anyway, a few times I'd say things like, "Kick the habit! Join the unhooked generation! It's a matter of life and breath!" These are plagerized right out of the commercial.
I can't say that anything in recent times is as powerful as what I remember back then. There was one of a little boy (6 or 7) doing things together with his dad; playing catch, hide and seek and washing the car. Then dad took out a cigarette and put the pack down. The little boy picked up the pack and looked inside. And there it ended.
Don't even get me started on what the seat belt safety commercials used to look like. My favorite was an overweight woman with done up bouffant hair who said, "I don't like wearing those seat belts. They wrinkle my dress." Then you see her in the same position completely mummified in a total body cast.
Ah the nostalgic memories. Anyway, I'm glad that there are smoke cessation patches. There are so many ways nowadays for people to quit smoking.
My 2c for the day!
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