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So..bus trip went smooth..but..I never could sleep in a night bus..
Jaipur..well..I stayed there for a long while..I knew that place..
the honeymoon couple=my brother+wife..put up for 1 night in
the most expensive hotel in Jaipur these days=Rambagh Palace..
they moved out to another place next day..luxury costs money..
we visited the classical touristical sights day 1==Hawa Mahal,
City palace,the Jaipur bazars,the streets...the hectic flow of folks
in colourful dresses..Jaipur is a delight for photographers..
I stayed at a cheap tourist place..this first day was hectic..
the walking around in the heat of this place..gets on the nerves..
I saw all these things before...but my brother/wife liked it..
lots of tourists in Jaipur...it's a very popular place to go..
day 2...we went to Amber fort by local bus..my brother/wife..
took that elephant ride up..that rawanahatta playing old villager..
still went along the elephant..for the bribe(baksheesh)
I walked up to the qila..I don' like to pay..for a picture on an
elephants back..just to prove..I did it..it's tourism..
but anyway..it was Jaipur again..third day in Jaipur..
was spent on shopping in the local bazaar..
sending postcards home etc..buying handicraft souvenirs..
I'll keep you informed..we were gonna take the pink city Express..
from Jaipur towards New Delhi..then 2 days Delhi...and back home..
what an adventure this trip had been..involved lots of airline flying..
in my old days early 70's..I never put a foot into an airplane..booh..
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