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So..4 days in bed..with temperatures outside of over 30 degrees..
not very pleasant..now..medicines in India..are good and effective..
I took some of my own stuff against diaree..called Reasec..
brought it from Belgium..very good stuff..dysentery weakens..
your whole system...but..I got cured after 4 days...
back to my old self...started to eat again...I needed a challenge..
I've seen folks getting sick in India..good advice..
go as soon as possible..to a doctor..ayurvedic medicines are just
great..I still look out for them today..difficult to get here nowadays..
luckily Belgium and Holland get Indian shops..I love it...
in Ruby's place..lots of mosquito's in the evening..
every evening we used to flit the whole place..it smelled bad..
but effective against mosquito's..malaria is lurking in India..
I took my pills regularly..never got any sign of malaria..
so...again..i cycled back up to Jaipur town..every time..
I did that...was different..it was such a blast..a real experience..
so..railway station...always good for a cup of cheap tea..
I got lured by 2 Jaipuri youngsters to visit a shop..
it was near Hawa Mahal..the usual talk..come in my shop??
where are you from??do you like India??are you interested in??
well..well..I knew these scams..just watch out..
it was about stones this time..ruby's,emeralds etc..
I told these dudes..I was poor..finally..because..
I knew HOW to talk..the whole discussion ended up..
on Hindi movies..girls..movie stars..boobies..the whole shit..
they even payed me a cool beer..free..a Golden eagle beer..
so..I came out as a winner..
Indian touts are clever..very clever..they know..
how to trick tourists into buying things..
I knew these tricks...and..I tackled my way around it..
one warning..Jaipur is known for precious stones..
watch out in Johari bazar..Surana's is the real stuff.
but lots of cheating is done by other small fish jewelry touts..
never buy stones..because they are usually worthless..
or at least..not good value for what you payed for it...
watch out as well..to show..or pay by Visa card etc..
I always travelled with cash..risky...I know..
but..I almost never got ripped off..exept in Delhi..
probably by an Italian desperate drug hippie addict..
he stole about 100 dollars..my fault...
should have hidden it better..anyway..
the embassy...will not be much of a help..
better to let transmit some dollars to a bank..
from your home place..but..it takes time..
so..that day...I just cycled around..
and booked a train ticket to Ajmer..
I was gonna go on the road again..
saying goodbye to Jaipur..and to Ruby..
well..thanks,Ruby..you're here with me...
for more then 30 years...through thick and thin in life..
I love you..and I always will..
will tell you about my travell adventures to South India...
first trip=Rajasthan..Ajmer-Pushkar lake-Jodhpur etc..
crazy Tiger

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