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Discovering the many bazars of Jaipur...would have taken days..
better to do them one by one..according to my own viewpoint..
for me Bapu and Johari Bazar were the best in Jaipur..
both in the old city of course..in Bapu one gets to see lots..
going from textiles(sarees,pyjama kurta,salwar kameez)
usually it's just a shed like stall..with the owner sitting amongst
a pile of materials..unrolling them...measuring them..
lots of people who gonna get married..come to order sarees..
a saree is different for every woman..usually more then 5 m in lenght..
and so damn colourful..I'll come back to Indian clothes in later postings..
the parfum section of Bapu bazar..now..that's something special..
India got a wide range of flowers,herbs etc..I always dug these nice
smells in Indian bazaars..simply herbs and parfume in the air..
Ruby used herbal ayurvedic hair oil like Amla..it was green stuff..
it has a special typical smell..made by a company called Dabur..
it was cooling in the heat..Indian woman got very good hair..
they use lots of oils..coconut,jasmine,amla,bhanpool oil..
in Bapu bazar one could buy these very cheap *mojris*
sandals(chappals)made of camel skin..with the tip pointed up..
usually the villagers and tribals wear this kind of chappals..
I usually was wearing some good walking shoes..
sometimes chappals..but never mojris..ahah..
Johari bazaar is known for silverware..the Rajasthani craftmen..
made very elaborate work on silver trays..called *minakari*
I couldn't believe how they did it..Bapu and Johari bazaar..
are worthwhile a days visit if you ever go to Jaipur..
ask for New gate..or Sanganer gate..to get into these bazaars..
I believe Bapu bazaar was closed on mondays..
could be changed by now??Bapu is mainly a textile bazaar..
after the bazar I went to Jantar Mantar..to tell you all honestly..
I did not like it at all..it's good for scientists..Jantar Mantar lies
just very near to the City Palace...it's an observatorium built by
Jai Singh 2..looked bit abstract to me..it's mainly astronomy..
sun dial etc..to measure the movement of the sun etc..
I did not understand a bit of it..and damned hot there..
went back to some entrance gate of City Palace..always a stand
there for cool drinks..refreshing..saw a snake charmer there who
played that flute to make the king cobra moving..well..snakes??
the bazaars of Jaipur should be done walking..so..I took transport
that day..funny bus ride with some locals..dirt cheap as well..
will tell more about Jaipur in a later posting..
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