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for the city of Jaipur=see link on page 25 of this journal..
as said before..Jaipur looks pink..because of the buildings
in the old part of the city..behind the old entrance gates..
a whole world opened for me..this city with wide avenues..
was planned and built by Maharaja Jai Singh 2..between
1699 to 1744..he used to reside in Amber fort these days..
from the Railway Station Mirza Ismail road goes down to
Ajmeri gate-which is the entrance to the old part of town..
so..i decided first to walk around a bit through Jaipur..
Ruby had class every day..mostly for 4 or 5 hours..
I decide to take a scooter ricksjah..time enough to bicycle..
the ricksjah dropped me at the entrance of Sanganer gate..
Bapu bazaar and Johari bazaar...well..well..what a crowd..
Ruby told me to go to LMB restaurant...an institute for Jaipur..
concerning sweets like *kulfi*and other vegetarian food..
I always enjoyed these Indian sweets like rasagulla..ladu etc..
will tell later about sweets..Niro's on M.I Road=Mirza Ismail Rd..
is another famous eating place...went there once with Ruby..
to tell you the truth..food was excellent..but inside..it looks..
like a dimmed disco bar...one can bareley see the menu..ahaha..
airconditionning restaurants in India..are excellent ways..
of cathing a cold..you come from extreme heat..into cooling..
then again extreme heat..I sniffed my nose sometimes..
I liked M.I.Road a lot..handicrafts..G.P.O..oh..about sending..
postcards..letters etc..go to any post office..put stamps...
and ask them..to stamp them..otherwise..your postcard might stay
in a post officer's hands...stamps taken off again...
and used for own profit...oh..these scams in India..
one learns of them..well..
so LMB's...nice kulfi I had there..it's pistache flavoured icecream..
loved it...good to release the heat of Jaipur..that day..
i got my share of walking..from G.P.O to Johari bazar..
then to Ram Niwas Garden...and ricksjah back to teachers hostel...
Ruby made a good biryani rice dish..mmmmhh..
oh yes...before I forget..in some roadstall..
I talked to some young Rajasthani hotheaded youths...
hating Pakistan..silly..the old cat/dog argument..
If I see HATE..I attack it..with sarcasm..I told them..
hippies..the true ones..CANNOT hate..they spread love..
well..I think they understood the message I gave them..
hotheaded folks..are big in group..big mouths...
alone..they often are very small..and I don't like politics..
this topic Jaipur will go on for a while..
I stayed more then 1 month??can't recall everything..
I'll try to tell you peeps..what happened..
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