Istanbul city(part 3)=Turkey..

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day 3 in Istanbul..I just went to reserve my bus ticket to Tehran..
place enough...most people travelled as far east as Erzurum..
Tehran is quite a distance from Istanbul..price was O.K...
and it saved 2 nights sleep as well..I was rather curious about
this bus journey..I got a seat in the front part of the bus...
the Turkish people from the bus company were very friendly..
in the afternoon..I went back to the SultanAhmet area..
there was a kind of square..I saw a German car..a chick in mini skirt
travelling with 2 huge dogs..and the Turks staring like hell...bwaah..
nobody was gonna approach this chick,I was sure of that..
funny people one saw sometimes in these days..the hippie freaks
on the way to Katmandu...were often a colourful lot..travelling..
in painted VW vivid colurs..bus as well as the people..
mostly Europeans..but also lots of Americans travelled these days..
I met some folks in Lale puding shop..who came from India..
they just said..groovy men..groovy..whatever they meant by that..
so I spent some time drinking beer(Tuborg)and chatting to folks..
tomorrow..was gonna take that bus...via Ankara-Sivas-Erzurum-
Agri-Dogubayazit-Bazargan(border Iran)Tabriz-Tehran..
long haul indeed..I did that stretch before..but in parts then..
quite a hassle...since every otogar(bus station)
had lots of companies going same itineraries..
touts wanted to you to travell in their companie buses..
Ankara bus station..was a nightmare..noisy..hectic..
I did not like it last time..this hassles..
straight bus...they stopped in lokanta's=restaurants
where food was cheap..but usually these lokanta's..
were very busy..since lots of buses stopped there..
Turkish people in general were friendly..very curious..
often they asked Aleman??which means..are you German??
so..I went to sleep..full of expectation for the bus trip to Iran..
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