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After a days visit to the lovely town Salzburg..
we drove to a place called Hallein..bit south..
there's a saltmine there which could be visited.
funny and adventurous a coalminer..
no problem..but my wife was scared the shits...
bit claustrofobic descent into this mine..uhuh..
I'll try to find a link..after this..we continued..
towards the town of Innsbr?ck=capital of Tirol..
aww...Tirol..what a beautiful area of Austria..
typical lederhosen and *dirndl tr?chten*
them ladies looked so damn good in these dresses..
Austrian folklore is very deep rooted..
mountains all around..little dormant villages..
I recall when I was 13 and a silly schoolboy..
our school went on a holiday by bus to Pertisau.
this is a village Northeast of Innsbr?ck...
on the Achensee..I remember that scenery very well..
a nice lake..mountains..train ride to Jenbach..oh well..
I'll see for some links..If you peeps go to Austria..
please do this old traveller a favor..go to Tirol..
we stayed overnight at Innsbr?ck youth hostel..
very clean..the town a marvellous experience..
we loved Innsbr?ck..were gonna drive into Bayern next day..
that the southern part of Germany...
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