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Just an extra posting+link today..
indian lots of variety.. Manna Dey...Lata's ghazals
or Bollywood's all music..
I never forget the standing ovation..Ravi Shankar received..
in Woodstock or Monterrey pop festivals..
during my travells through the Indian subcontinent..
I was daily confronted..with Indian music..
the link for this from much later on..

Hindi language..Hindi movies..Hindi songs..
try to listen to these songs from a movie
called 1942 a love story..
great music during my stay in 1999 in India..
you can best mark all songs at once..
there is a advertising about Citibank..after that music starts..
Leading actor was Anil Kapoor..
Leading actress Manisha Koirala..
The song Kuchh na Kaho goes in 3 versions..
Kumar Sanu,Chorus version,Lata Mangeskar..
Lata is called the nightingale of India..
ask any Indian about Lata..they will know..
I like the song Yeh Safar by Shivaji Chattopadyaya..
The music director was R.D.Burman..well known in India..

Let me know whether you like the songs...

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