India=New Delhi..

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so..New of's a real huge place..
I booked a retiring room in Old Delhi railway Station..dirt cheap
Old Delhi is crowded,dirty,full of has to get used to it..
of course Jami Masjid and Red fort dominate the scenery..never went
into Red Fort..but I went into Jami Masjid..Moghul architecture by Shah Jahan
Chandni Chowk and Kinari Bazar are a maze of streets and little alleys..
to noisy it was but's an experience to see all these colours..
smell all these unknown herbs etc..most of the foreign travellers stay either
in New Delhi Paharganj area or closer to Connaught
i took a riksja to New of these crazy scooter 3 wheelers..they drive like mad..these riksja wallah's know their way..
but..quick...and efficient..they take you where one wants to go..
Connaught Place...consists of 2 ring roads around a central park area..built by the British..I guess by Luytens??architect??or was it Russel?anyway...
Janpath Road is where the tourist office is situated..I picked up a free map..went to GPO..and found a Gurdwara Sikh temple stay for next day..I moved back to the hospitability of the Sikhs
and yes..that day..I had a lassi..kind of refreshing drink..
later..i heard..sometimes they put bhang in it(hasj)woooh...
they didn't that day..usually on Holi festival etc..they do..
Spacer(Ireland)had a bhang lassi in Varanasi
more later on...stayed 4 days in New Delhi..
before I moved to Agra..

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