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So..let's move towards's just a little village.
but the temples there..became world wide famous..
erotic ass..when I was in India in early 70's
just a simple tongue kiss in movies..was taboo...
up till now..Indians are rather prude on sex matters..stayed a bit taboo..
so..I took this train towards Jhansi..bus to Panna..bus to Khajuraho.
don't remember where i slept there..loveley temples..
If you have seen one..they all look a bit the same
I remember the sun going down scene in this place..
loveley..I'll try to find a link..
Kama Sutra??I do it on my living room carpet
after Khajuraho i went to Allahabad..
will tell you later..if you peeps are interested??
crazy tiger
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