India=Amritsar+New Delhi...

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So..from Amritsar railway station..took a cycle rickshaw..
towards the Golden Temple..stayed in Gurdwara Ram Das Niwas..
as said food and lodging..don't expect too much..
from free food..these people serve dal out of a bucket..
served on get some chappatis(flat bread)as well..
it's called langar...
I recall I got the shits in Amritsar..nothing serious really..
beware of eating in cheap roadside stalls..
I left my chappals(sandals)outside Golden Temple..and went in..
woooh...real life time experience..
you must cover your head with some scarf..
very nice entrance towards the Temple..
inside is the Grant Sahib=holy book of the Sikhs..
chanting and reading all the'll get some prashad as well..
so..this was my first impression of India..I damned liked it..
I like speaking to people..about life...about anything..
and these Indians..were so damned curious...woohhhah...
I got myself some dahi(fresh curd)in the morning around the temple..
I met a couple of hippies..the fellow was really dysenteria..
they stayed in the gurdwara as well..and I felt sorry for this guy..
beware of your health conditions while travellling in India
After 2 days..i booked a ticket to New Delhi(train)damned cheap..
will tell you later..New Delhi is quite a place...

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