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Agra...was hot...and full of tourists..everybody wants to see..
this Taj Mahal..yip...what struck me here..was the fact..
that India is such a place of contrast..on the Taj Mahal grounds..
i met Indians in colourful sarees..honeymooning couples..middle class..
when I went outside of the gate...a fellow on a small chart..
in rags..suffering from nose..fingers gone almost..
that's India as's very hard to travell there..very hard at times.. hardened me up..yes..i could take the extreme poverty..
I met a fellow hippie in my surprise..he was from Hoboken(Belgium)
he got some hasj...and we smoked it in Agra Railway Station at night..
we gave some of that chillum(bhang)to some poor Indian railway floor
sleepers..these people have NOTHING..if they get high on's heaven..yes..
I stayed 1 day longer in 3..I slept rough in Rlw Station..
just on the day..I got bugs..khujalee they call it in Hindi..
went to a pharmacy...and ordered some itched
it's a bug which gets into the clothes..had to wash all of them..
day 2 I went to see Red fort..and wandering in the streets of Agra..
Will tell you more stop is Jaipur..loveley place

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