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The voice is sometimes stilled ,
As we come in awe of what is before us.
Slowly the fog of the intellect dissapates
As in stillness we dwell.
And mistily - as this is the only Way it can be Seen,
Growing brighter and brighter,
Comes that true Self;
Linked forever to the One,
From which came the All.
And we come back home,
Adding yet more to All,
Becoming Whole.
What a Blessing to All,
To Be yet more,
As into the Beyond we go:
We Are

We enhance the quality of Existence
We fulfill our potential in a manner beneficial to All
We seek Full Awareness, Total Cooperation
and Complete Union with our GodSelf

Surrounded by Love...........Mind Creates the concept
Full of Love......................Desire provides the motivation
Channels of Love...............Doing is the test
One with Love

Life is an opportunity and becomes what you make of it

May the Light of Love ever Guide your Way
Grow on ... Enjoy !

Peace Blessings
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