I'm Like a Girl when it Comes to Auto Mechanics

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How's THAT for a sexist title? Thought it might be a good attention grabber :)
When people talk or ask about hydraulic systems, carburetors, combustion engines, plugs and points, rack and pinion (or however it's spelled), I feel as if they might as well be speaking Sicilian. I have never taken an interest in anything under the hood. Some of you gentle readers might not even remember a time when gas stations had servicemen who pumped gas, checked oil, checked water and checked tire pressure. Needless to say, pumping gas and adding oil are about as far up the chain as I go with regards to car repair.
The old '74 VW convertible Super Beetle got a new engine about a month ago and now it's beginning to make some strange noises. At first, in low gear I heard the sound of light metal hitting light metal. It's the sound of a metalic windchime (we used to call them mobiles). But yesterday there was a G*d awful sound and the sensation that I was dragging a redwood tree underneath the car. Not good. There is speculation that the axil might be loose.
"That's not a good thing, is it?" I asked.
"Uh... No. You don't want a car axil to be loose when you're driving."
"No," I replied with assuredness, "I knew that. You want things to be tight. Well, except the steering wheel."
So it's sitting in the shop on my day off. One of them offered me a ride home (guess there must be some guilt factor after having successfully sold me a new motor). In making small talk I asked where he was from (I knew he was Armenian and I know Armenians are from everywhere).
"Iraq," he said. "We are Armenians from Iraq."
I usually have good responses, but couldn't think of a thing to say. You can't say, "Do you miss it?" or "Do you wish you were there?" Woudln't want to ask if you still have family there. And I'm certainly not going to be engaging in conversation about what's going on there now.
Fortunately I am within walking-distance of the shop. I left the car and said that I didn't need it back right away. Fix it, but PLEASE don't make it expensive!
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