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so..bye bye Corfoe..ferry to Igoumenitsa..took about 1 hour..
got a ride to Ionninna which I could arrange on the ferry already..
some young friendly Greek offered me a ride..
or did I talk him into it??bwaaahah..so..on mainland Greece...
did not like the contrast with the beauty of Corfoe..
Ionninna is nothing special..was trying to hitch a ride to Arta..
Arta is famous for some aquaduct..that's all I remember..
I dont know how I reached Athens that day..but I did..
bustling city..hot..crowded..too many tourism..
I watched the *evzoni* guards in their national dress..
serving their duty..good nationalism..Greece..well..
political..not stable sometimes..well..well..
but politics...was bullshit for me..
don't even remember where I stayed in Athens..
but I remember 1 thing..it was too damn hot..
i visited and strolled around Plaka..just ask for that area..
i got sick of these tourist shops with souvenirs for home..
i was NOT going home..I still had a long way to go..
well..I tell you.If you visit Athens..take your time..
visit the sites..like Akropolis etc..I missed it..
it was too bloody hot...and..I got sick of the hustle bustle..
wanna buy this,Sir??that Sir??no way..
so..after 1 day in Athens..I turned my heels way back north again..
had to go all the way up to Saloniki-Kavalla-Ipsalla(Turkish border)
I had done that stretch from Saloniki before..bad vibes..
see my gallery somewhere..police in Kavalla..dude killed..
well..well..I was gonna think about that??crossing Kavalla..
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