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Hi everybody it was a great Christmas it rained here in Utah on Christmas day and yes i was outside in the rain barefoot. My family( my mom) and some friends came over to get together for Christmas at my house. And everybody that came knows I'm a barefooter for life. But on Christmas day the temperature was only in the 30's and the rain changed in to snow . I love to walk in the snow barefoot. So as we sat down to eat our Christmas dinner and then open our Christmas presents to each other. It was starting to snow hard and the streets where covered. And eveybody started to get ready to go home i help the family out to there trucks with there presents and i was barefoot and the snow was up to my ankles.It felt so good it was hot in my house and my bare feet where so hot that i had to step out side to cool the off. After they all went home it was getting dark and the Christmas light turned on i went to see if the lights where still hanging it got mighty winded and i was out in the snow barefoot. And as i was checking the light i desided to shovel the snow . The sidewalks and the walk way uo to my front door . And as i was doing that some of the neighborns started doing the same . Then some of the neighbor's saw me out in the snow barefoot. I had some new neighbor's come over and asked me if i was ok because I'm outside .shoveling the snow barefoot and my next store neighbor came over and said that I'm always barefoot i never wear shoes or socks. So as the new neighbor's help clean the snow from the sidewalks. They ask me how i got started bare feet. And so i tolded them and they where like wow. And one couple ask if i get sick in the winter and i said no . they ask do i really go everywhere barefoot i said yes . And the other couple that just got married the two guy's where like that takes a lot of guts . They have tried to go barefoot but they hate going barefoot in public. I said it's a lot easier to go with others that go barefoot .And they ask if i could go with them to the store barefoot when it gets warmer i said yes that would be great. I said that i have to go to Wal-Mart the next day and the two guy's ask if they could go with to see what looks i get and what people say. As we finished removing the snow the two couples notice the my bare feet where red and they ask if i could still feel my bare feet i said yes as one couple said i could warm up my bare feet at there house for a bit. I said ok and i also said is it ok to be barefoot in there house my bare feet are dirty. She said yes it's ok and her husband said yes it's ok. As my bare feet turned back to the normal color . I notice that they both would look at my bare feet. I ask if there is anything worng they said no they said for a guy i have good looking bare feet i said thank you. And they ask if i get a pedicure i said yes every month. And thay ask where do i go i said Wal-Mart for the pedicure. And both ask if i ever had people say bad things about going barefoot? Yes i said and sometimes it's not a problem but there are sometimes it hard not to say words back and then god know what might happen. I ask them do they go barefoot they said yes but in the summer they are always barefoot. I ask do they go to the store's barefoot and to the movies and places like that barefoot. They said no they have gone to the gas station barefoot but other places no i ask why they don't have the guts to do it i said i would go with them if they want me to . So i left to go home and it was a great Christmas i have new neighbor's and new barefoot friends .will everybody keep barefooting.
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