I Speak Old(e) English

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There's a store not too far from my college and home called Hub Cap Annie. If I were frivolous with my pennies, I'd probably keep her rolling in dough. One of the younger classmates I sat next to in a science class asked me what a hub cap was. OMG did I feel old.
Then I started thinking about a lot of the words in my own active vocabulary that are either unknown or that have simply fallen out of use.
I listen to records. They are now called vinyls (which no one listens to). I refuse to use the term because 78s are not vinyl. I don't think 45s are either.
Loose leaf is also pretty unknown. They call them binders. To me a binder is something you put on a person to stop that person from bleeding... or to keep a wound intact.
I have no idea what a stereo is called these days. Probably home entertainment system, but that might be obsolete too.
I say CD when the bank tells me that it's time to cash in or roll over.
The bank laughs at me when I pull out a ledger book each time I make a deposit into the savings account. It's the argument of "You don't issue passbooks" and they respond with "We give you a statement." I counter attack with "You also give me a checking account statement, but I still have to write it down."
Now technology uses color words such as blue tooth and black berry. I have neither. My cell phone weighs about 1/4 pound and doesn't take photographs. I also have an older phone that weighs even more... I use it as an alarm clock.
When someone asked me what I was doing over the summer, I said that I was trying to learn MORSE Code. "Why? No one sends SOS messages that way anymore."
And so it goes...
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